X-Change Alternative 2 is another separate story from the X-Change Series yet follows the same plot in a different way under production, with a tentative Japanese release planned for 2008. A US release date has yet to be made. Peach Princess is expected to publish it after release in English, due to their work on previous titles, though no official word has been made.


Yuki is a high school student. One day, his mind and his female friend's mind suddenly exchange because of a strange machine invented by his friend. Yuki is totally confused with a female body.... On the other hand, he enjoys erotic things only women can experience.... Like this, his school life as a girl begins....


Main charactersEdit

Yuki Sakura - The main character for this series

Fujimi Mine

Sayuri Yurihara

Tomoyo Aoizuka

Mokoto Rengeji

Supporting charactersEdit

Hiroshi Aoizuka

Iwao Tsubakiya

Mr Oriba

Shiro Umeoka

Haaruko Matsudaira