Takuya Aihara




Male / Female


X-Change, X-Change 2, X-Change 3

Takuya Aihara is the main character for the 3 X-Change Series.


His main facial features are his unruffled darkish-blue hair and his brown eyes.

As a male, he has a lean build and is seen (for the short while) dressed in the male school uniform consisting of a white T-Shirt and black trousers. By the third series, Takuya dons on street clothes of various sorts.

As a female, Takuya sports a very attractive figure, boasting a pair of perfectly shaped breasts (which seem to have grown larger by the 3rd Series) and a wide hip with a slim waist. In the first and second series, he has to wear the female school uniform, which consists of a white blouse, with a red vest, and a red skirt. As a female, he is often forced to wear all sorts of clothing, such as a maid outfit or a bikini.


In a word, he is the "doormat", meaning he pretty much lets everyone push him around and walk all over him. During his "male periods", Mr Terada is always very harsh on him. Even the girls around his life are constantly pushing him around: his teasing stepsister Natsumi, the genius president of his chemistry club Asami, and especially Asuka, his beautiful childhood friend.

His situation does not exactly get any better once he becomes a girl; in fact, one might say it got WORSE as almost every guy wants to have sex with him, even a random passerby would pop up to get him. For example,

  1. In the second game, you have a choice of jobs, "Tuition", "Strip Karaoke" and a Photo shoot. IF you choose the first one, Takuya has to go against the son in a quiz game which if you lose, the scene will show him fondling Takuya until his dad comes home, after which it shows him getting screwed by them both.

In some endings, he ends up staying as a female because of this behaviour.

Only near the end of X-Change 3, Takuya managed to get what could be considered his "Crowning Moment of Awesome" when Kouji tries to rape Takuya at some point in the third game, the player is given the option to give him a kick to the crotch, giving a resulting shot of Kouji lying face-down cradling his balls with Takuya looming over him with a pissed-off face.


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He was cleaning the equipment in the medical lab

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He was

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After highschool